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Does the Albright Partners' name have anything to do with Madeleine Albright, the first woman to serve as Secretary of State?

We've often been asked this question....and the answer is: Yes.

When Albright Partners was established, a branch of the founder's family was part of the Albrecht/Albright family - also counting Madeleine Albright.

So, inspired by this amazing woman who fought hard for peace in our world - Albright Partners was born.


Albright Partners A/S is a retained, global, top-tier, AAA-rated and Life Science-focused executive search firm - and one of the largest of its kind in the Nordic region. We serve global- and local clients in Pharma-, MedTech- and BioTech. 

As member of Tinzon Group and AESC (Association of Executive Search & Leadership Consultants), Albright Partners has a global reach of more than 70 countries across the globe. 


  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotechnology

  • Generics & Biosimilars

  • Consumer Health / OTC

  • Medical Technology & Devices

  • Diagnostics

  • Digital Health

  • Health Services & Health IT

  • Animal Health

  • Agriculture / Agrochemicals

  • Service Providers (CROs / CMO / CDMO)


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Karin Madsen, Associate Partner

Karin most recently worked as Head of Dermatology, Global Medical Affairs at AbbVie. For more than a decade, Karin held senior leadership roles at AbbVie in the Nordics, Europe and globally. Previously, Karin worked in senior specialist and executive roles at LEO Pharma, Action Pharma and Nycomed. 

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Henrik Brabrand, Partner & CEO

Henrik leverages top management leadership skills and 15+ years of global life science-focused executive search experience in high quality assignment execution and client counseling. Previously, Henrik held Senior Vice President-level roles at LEO Pharma and General Manager roles within the Functional Foods & Ingredients area.


We share a commitment to combat racism, prejudice, and discrimination within our own organizations, with candidates and the clients we serve, and in our communities.


We pledge to use our collective voices and actions to help create a world that is inclusive, diverse, equitable and accessible for all.





    We are committed to developing and deepening actions within our firm. Our Guiding Principles will help inform firm-based actions which will accelerate a sustainable positive impact.



    We commit to listen, engage, and learn so that we can do better both as employers and as trusted advisors. We will understand and leverage best practices to greatly enhance attracting and developing diverse talent for ourselves and our clients. We will work with our clients to identify leaders and assess them for their ability to create inclusive cultures where diverse talent thrives.


    We will develop stronger and more diverse slates of candidates through robust research, outreach, and alliances. We will use our expertise to mentor diverse talent to raise their visibility and their success and will identify partnerships that allow us to engage more people, and thus have a greater impact.


    We will advocate with clients to help them embrace best practices that further their diversity and inclusion efforts which, in turn, will enhance business results. We will contribute our time and our expertise to under-served communities to advance racial equity and economic empowerment and to fight for social justice.

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Companies across the globe are entirely dependent on the broad existence of peace, freedom and democracy in our world. Every time these three variables are threatened, drastic imbalances in supply and demand emerges. Recently, healthy and sustainable companies were placed on the brink of bankruptcy as totalitarian regimes systematically were dismantling market forces by attacking democracies and restricting access to energy sources, raw materials etc. 

At Albright we have therefore introduced the QUADRUPLE BOTTOM LINE by adding a new and unique fourth bottom line - PEACE - to our existing triple bottom line (Profit, People, Planet). 

The triple bottom line is a business concept that first saw the day of light in 1997. The concept posits firms should commit to measuring their social and environmental impact—in addition to their financial performance—rather than solely focusing on generating profit, or the standard “bottom line.” It was broken down into: PROFIT (financial bottom line), PEOPLE (social bottom line), and PLANET (environmental bottom line), and to be a sustainable company, one must balance this trinity.


However, as a company, we no longer believe that we can remain sustainable unless we add a fourth bottom line to the triple bottom line:, i.e. PEACE. 


Therefore we commit ourselves to introduce initiatives that will contribute to securing peace, freedom and democracy in our world. 


As a professional organizational advisory firm, we are very conscious of the direct and in-direct impact we have on the people with whom we interact.


Whether it being clients, candidates or even the people that are close to them but with whom we have no direct interaction, we take our role and responsibilities as trusted advisor very seriously, therefore:


  • We believe that Peace is fundamental to building a sustainable business. We commit ourselves to work for freedom, democracy and peace in the world.

  • We are dedicated to handling our relationships with clients, candidates and colleagues with profound respect and integrity.

  • We are committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion, helping organizations follow through on commitments to expand opportunity for the traditionally excluded, whether economically, racially, culturally, or technologically.


  • We are dedicated to building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, candidates and colleagues.

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