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Leveraging a century-long tradition within the field of acoustics and 10 years of research, clinical trials and development, our client – have emerged with its groundbreaking technology being the first company to combine acoustic biosensors and artificial intelligence (AI) addressing a global health problem.


Reporting directly to the Chief Commercial Officer, the “Global Market Access Director” will be responsible for paving the way into new markets while building up a Market Access unit a long the way. The role will take a seat on the Global Commercial Leadership Team.

Containing all levels from high-level market entry strategies to tactical plans and marketby- market execution the role is expected to lead the way mirroring the entrepreneurial spirit of the company – not being afraid to leave the ordinary and find new impactful routes to impact.

Being the overall in-house Market Access expert, you will take a leading role in building the market access strategies, build models for sales, keep track of authorities and payer data as well as communication and public affairs.


Position title:

Global Market Access Director

Reporting line:

Chief Commercial Officer


Greater Copenhagen


20-30 days per year

Responsibilities & Tasks:

Market access strategies – and execution

• Mapping and assessing most probable strategies

pr. market.

• Defining and planning strategy per market.

• Executing plan per market.

Building models for scale

• Creating processes, plans and repositories

needed for access into new markets.

• Refining models based on learnings and

insights as we conquer new markets.

Authority and payer data

• Obtaining relevant data (i.e., register, HEOR, RWE)

• Performing the health economic analysis needed

(cost-utility, cost-benefit, etc.) if needed in

collaboration with external consultants.

• Generating and publishing relevant data.

• Leveraging data to support dossiers,

communication and documents.

• Conducting pricing analysis.

Communication & public affairs

• Communicating and presenting (external) results,

knowledge and data.

• Driving education & training (ext. and int.).

Key success criteria:

• Developing robust and executionable market access


• Successfully securing market access in designated


• Ensuring seamless and successful cooperation with

key internal stakeholders and external stakeholders.

• Contributing to developing an inspirational and highperformance

culture in the Commercial Team and the

company as a whole.


Educational background:

Preferably M.Sc.-level degree.


English – fluent (verbally and written).

Ideal experience and competencies:

• Market Access experience preferably within MedTech

and devices.

• Ideally having co-authored market access publication

and health economic analyses (experience with

building health economic models from the ground up

is preferred, but not a must).

• Possesses strong leadership competences either

from leading teams directly, on projects or as part of


• International experience.

• Strong track-record of obtaining access into new

markets and/or segments.

• Profound experience in leading teams, either directly

or as part of a matrix.

Personal competencies:

Business acumen

Possesses a keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a "business situation" (risks and opportunities) in a manner that is “street-smart” and is likely to lead to a good outcome.

Results and goal orientation

Focus on targets, activities and results. Is able to continue working at a specific problem, viewpoint or action plan until a result has been achieved or it is determined that an alternative approach is needed.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Possesses an entrepreneurial- and strategic mindset and is drawn to settings and environments in which the amount of pre-established processes is scarce, while he/she displays the capacity to define and set up new processes.

Stakeholder management

Well-versed in organizing, monitoring and improving relationships with stakeholders by systematically identifying stakeholders; analyzing their needs and expectations; and planning and implementing various tasks to engage with them.


Is undeterred and persistent despite resistance and difficulties, carries on when faced with adversity.


Communicates the central issues in a discussion in a clear, fluent and precise manner, meanwhile being able to keep the recipients' attention and being attentive to the needs of others when he/she speaks. Produces written material, which is clear, fluent, precise and easy to understand for the recipients. Possesses excellent presentation and facilitation skills.

Intercultural understanding

Able to communicate with people from other cultures, notices and relates to problems as seen from other cultures' perspective.

Ability to negotiate

Prepares and plans negotiations, is able to present views and suggestions in a constructive manner, is attentive to the opponent's situation and expectations, able to influence other people's attitudes and opinions, able to achieve consensus regarding suggestions, plans and ideas, good negotiator, sticks to own views and achieves results.

For further information:

For further information:

Please contact:

Henrik Brabrand, CEO


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