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Denmark: European Champion in Location for Business

Denmark is among the world’s best locations for doing business according to Forbes Magazine. In fact, The World Bank ranks Denmark as the easiest place in Europe to do business.

“Denmark is the ultimate gateway to Europe. No other European country offers a perfectly blended cocktail of top notch infrastructure mixed with little or no red tape and bureaucracy and a healthy dose of flexible and highly educated work force - who (all) speak english.”

Denmark provides access to the most lucrative segments of the European Union with more than 100 million consumers while offering access to a very well-educated population with excellent foreign language skills. A high proportion of the population has a university degree and our labor market offers some of the most flexible hiring and firing rules in the world reducing costs of scaling business operations up or down. Even the public sector services are among the best in the world.

“Denmark let's you focus on your business.”

High flexibility and a safe business environment are synonymous with Denmark and establishing a business can be done in a matter of minutes and at very low costs.

Due to our generally stable political and legal system, combined with our strong public finances, Denmark is among the nations best prepared to handle international economic crises. In fact, Denmark remains one of the most stable economies in the EU, as proven by its “AAA” ratings from the global credit-analysis agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

The Danish workforce is also among the most motivated in the world, with the second highest employee motivation according to the IMD. In fact, Danish employees distinguish themselves by being highly educated, efficient and responsible.

So, why not fly in to Copenhagen Airport – the world’s second best airport – and get a taste of Denmark as your natural hub for business in Europe….

*Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark


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