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Our client is a top-tier Life Sciences consultancy dedicated to driving superior performance for their clients. They are trusted advisor to global and local Life Sciences companies contributing to transforming their organizations and building capabilities to deliver on their strategies. 


In the role as Advisory Board Member the candidate is expected to think independently, challenge colleagues respectfully, and help identify opportunities for growth. The individual must be highly collaborative, engaging, mature and focused on finding practical solutions. Experience in the C-Suite from the Life Sciences industry is required. This new external Advisory Board Member should be capable of providing the customer's voice during deliberations.


Position title:

Advisory Board Member, Life Sciences

Reporting line:



Copenhagen, Denmark



Responsibilities & Tasks:

  • Part of the Advisory Board with responsibilities for advising on the affairs of the company, hereunder :

  • a) The corporate strategy, and

  • b) The sound leadership of the company

  • Advising to ensure that bookkeeping/accounts are in order

  • Advising to ensure that risk management is in order

  • Advising to ensure that the financial situation is reported and in order

  • Advising to ensure that top management is conducting its mandate in a sound manner

  • Advising to ensure that the capital resources are in order - hereunder sufficient liquidity

  • Attending Advisory Board meetings three times a year

Key success criteria:

  • Defining a clear owner strategy - hereunder defining:

    • Owner’s plans and wishes for the company

    • Development and focus

  • Contributing to ensuring an appropriate level of complementary professional competencies on the board and identifying and addressing capability gaps

  • Contributing to ensuring shared interpersonal competencies on the board

  • Developing a successful strategy


Educational background:

Graduate/undergraduate degree - preferably in Business Administration or Nature Sciences or like.


English – fluent, verbally and written.

Ideal experience and competencies:

  • C-Suite executive experience with a Life Sciences company

  • Experience as a member of another Advisory Board or Board is a plus but not required

  • Global experience is required

Personal competencies:

Business acumen

Well-versed in recognizing pitfalls and opportunities to make a business better. Strong commercial understanding.


Documented high level sense of integrity, ethics. Demonstrated track record of compliance with corporate Codes of Conduct.

Visionary/strategic mind

Defines a clear vision. Looks beyond the immediate difficulties and focuses on the far-reaching consequences; sees things in a broad perspective; takes tendencies in the environment into account when planning and developing strategies.   



Is a quick thinker, possesses strong analytical aptitude and excels in dividing problems into relevant parts. Sensitively integrates the analytical output into the given context and differentiates between key areas and irrelevant and less important areas. Has a logical mind-set and makes sensible decisions based on available information. Is able to get an overview of a specific situation and at the same time work in detail.

Results and goal orientation 
Is result-oriented, flexible, driven, persistent and motivated by strengthening team input to ensure strong organizational output. Establishes visible and achievable, yet ambitious, goals. Focuses on action, activities and results.



Excellent communication and presentation skills. Is to the point and communicates the central issues in a discussion in a clear, fluent and precise manner. Is able to keep the recipients' attention, is attentive to the needs of others when he/she speaks, and produces written material that is clear, fluent, precise and easy to understand.

Team orientation

Collaborates and works well with others, with a view to obtain the team's objectives by sharing information and supporting others. Fosters an environment of open communication and knowledge sharing. Encourages the expression of idea sharing and proactively seeks feedback, while demonstrating willingness to learn and to change.

For further information:

Please contact Henrik Brabrand, Chief Consultant & Team Lead, Albright Life Sciences A/S at:

M: +45 7199 2799


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