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Vice President, Int. Sales


Our client is a leader in science-based microbiomic health solutions. The company develops and manufactures innovative dietary supplement blends, bulk or finished products formulations for customers across the world.

Our client continues to establish its presence as a strong global leader in a growing market with manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe and specializes in developing solutions that benefit microbiome health. The company operates in the following primary markets, providing its innovative solutions to a diverse customer base:

1. Dietary Supplements

2. OTC/Pharma

3. Pet Supplements

4. Food & Beverage.


To leverage on a growing market and to support continuous expansion, our client is now looking for a capable VP, Int. Sales to bring the sales organization into the future.

The VP, Int. Sales will take responsibility of and lead the international sales activities of the organization outside Americas. As part of the site management, this role will participate in the strategic assessment of opportunities in new markets and segments, as well as the development of new product concepts and their implementation into the existing portfolio. The role will report directly to the President and be part of the International Senior Management Team.

This position will oversee a team highly experienced key account manager profiles directly, which will continue to grow as the organization expands and builds sales capabilities in key markets and new markets.

To support the organizational and operational growth of our client, the VP, Int. Sales will define a new sales strategy and ensure its optimal execution through the development of the sales competencies and capabilities of the organization.


Position title:

Vice President, Int. Sales

Reporting line:





40+ days per year.

Responsibilities & Tasks:

  • Developing and Leading the International Sales Organization and its activities globally outside   Americas.

  • Managing and leading a growing team of Key Account Managers.

  • Establishing a strong leadership platform for the sales organization founded on a strong performance platform.

  • Setting and implementing new sales strategies and ensuring their optimal execution.

  • Developing the sales competencies and capabilities of the sales organization.

  • Acting thought leader and organizational driver for sales strategies and activities.

  • Working as part of the international senior management team to establish 5-year strategy plans as well as annual plans.

  • Participating in strategic assessments of opportunities in new markets and segments, and the development of new product concepts.

  • Ensuring effective integration of the CRM system into the sales process.

  • Taking direct sales responsibility for selected key accounts.

  • Preparing and implementing approved sales budgets, costs budgets, and operational sales plans.

  • Developing and maintaining the sales product pipeline.

  • Retaining and further developing existing business and customer relationships.

  • Setting objectives/key performance indicators for the sales organization.

  • Following up on the organization’s sales performance as well as performance of distributors.

Key success criteria:

  • Successful definition and implementation of a new sales strategy.

  • Successful expansion and maturing of the business based on geographic expansion and   adding legacy product portfolios.

  • Creation of a future sales platform resting on clear leadership, direction and goals and fueled by successfully executed sales and account plans.

  • Continuous development of the sales competencies and capabilities of the sales organization.

  • Successful delivery on sales, project and pipeline KPI’s.


Educational background:

Relevant education.


English – fluent (verbally and written).

Ideal experience and competencies:

  • Demonstrated success in defining and executing sales strategies.

  • Prior line management experience within sales organizations – preferably across geographical   cultures and remote locations.

  • Experience with B2B sales of technical products e.g within dietary supplements (e.g. vitamins,   minerals, herbal extracts or probiotics) and/or OTC/ Pharma.

  • Strong change   management experience.

  • Demonstrated track record in delivering strategic sales leadership and on or above sales budget and gross profit.

  • Prior experience in selling technically complex customized solutions.

  • Prior experience in the development and maintenance of a strong sales product pipeline and   product concepts.

  • Demonstrated successful key account management skills.

Personal competencies:

Visionary/strategic mind

Defines a clear vision while making clear impact. Looks beyond the immediate difficulties and focuses on the far-reaching consequences; sees things in a broad perspective; takes tendencies in the   environment into account when planning and developing strategies. Inspires others and “leads up”. Ability to clearly communicate and follow up on expectations for the team and individual.

Results and goal orientation

Establishes visible, measurable and achievable goals for the department. Focus on execution, activities and results. Is driven by and capable of continuing to work with a specific problem, viewpoint or action plan until a result has been achieved or it is determined that an alternative approach is needed.


Is undeterred and persistent despite conflict, resistance and difficulties, Is vigorous, takes action and follows through.


Communicates the central issues in a discussion in a clear, fluent and precise manner and is able to keep the recipients' attention. Is attentive to the needs of others when speaking and produces   written material which is easy to understand. A clear communicator of expectations.


Motivates and effectively manages team towards success. Offers support where needed and applies a team-oriented mindset. Has the ability to be firm and corrective when needed.

Inspiration and motivation

Inspires others and encourages the achievement of set goals by promoting a sense of purpose. Believes in him- or herself and empathetically provides inspiration for a positive work attitude and prompts   a strong wish to succeed in the team. Acts as a good sparring partner and coach.

Stakeholder management and personal relations

Is able to establish and maintain relations with people /customers at all levels and makes people feel at ease. Achieves agreement by dealing with disagreements and potential conflicts with diplomatic skills and develops and maintains networks.

 and time management

Plans a focused course of action for self and team, ensures appropriate assignment of tasks and schedules an optimal use of available resources. Is conscious of the timing related to work and effort,   meets deadlines and plans tasks in relation to use of time.

For further information:

Henrik Brabrand, CEO

Albright Partners A/S - a AAA-rated company


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