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Our client is a leading innovator delivering next generation solutions within precision diagnostics. With the objective of reducing medical error and enhancing diagnostic precision, the company offers ground-breaking neuroimaging solutions capable of delivering automated assessment of brain capillary function in a wide range of neurological diseases.

Collaborating with the world’s top universities researching and testing AI technologies of the future, our client is extremely well-published and has received multiple and significant grants.


Resting on a proven technology and solutions already being deployed directly in the market and on partner platforms our client is now poised for a full-throttle commercial expansion.

The company possesses a strong cash position that now allows them to focus on advancing their lead products toward broader commercialization, while at the same time investing in their pipeline. With products already approved, the company believes that now is the ideal time to bring a high-caliber Vice President, Sales & Marketing to the organization.

The role will be heading up the global sales & marketing organization including subsidiaries, and will in the short run be focused on building and managing a new sales force in key regions while establishing and managing the company’s first sales subsidiary.


Position title:

Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

Reporting line:





30-40+ days per year.

Responsibilities & Tasks:

-Defining and reaching global sales and marketing budget.

-Building and deploying a global sales and marketingstrategy plan.

-Developing and deploying a go-to-market strategy:

Direct sales

o Building and managing own salesforce mainly in key regions of the world.

o Driving sales directly to hospitals – hereunder co- selling with own salespeople.

o Managing and supporting partners/- salesforce. o Establishing and managing sales subsidiary in a

key market.

Partner sales

o Identifying & establishing national and global partnership agreements.

o Managing and supporting partner sales strategy and sales force.

Distributor sales

o On secondary markets identifying and establishing distributor agreements.

o Managing and supporting distributors.

-Following up on plans and results, adjusting and supporting with co-selling activities.

-Ensuring the deployment of an effective global pricing strategy.

-Participating in direct sales and sales negotiation with single and enterprise hospitals.

-Making plans with partners at strategic level and following up on goals.

Key success criteria:

  • Successfully driving the sales and marketing strategy – hereunder developing and launching a successful go-to-market strategy.

  • Effectively building and managing the sales and marketing organization.

  • Achieving sales and marketing budget goals.

  • Ensuring a strong collaboration with relevant internalstakeholders.


Educational background:

Academic degree within natural sciences or healthcare at a M.Sc.-level or higher.


English – fluently (verbally and written).

Ideal experience and competencies:

  • Strong international background from the industry. 

  • Well-versed in building and managing a global salesforce.

  • Direct sales and sales negotiation experience with hospitals (doctors, radiology departments, procurement).

  • Strong global marketing background.

  • Well-versed in leading people from a distance.

  • Experienced in high level budgeting and break-down into goals, markets and action plans.

  • Proven experience of navigating smoothly within entrepreneurial settings.

  • Demonstrated ability to operate effectively in an environment without a broad organizational support structure.

Personal competencies:

Visionary/strategic mind

Defines a clear vision. Looks beyond the immediate difficulties and focuses on the far-reaching consequences; sees things in a broad perspective; takes tendencies in the environment into account when planning and developing strategies.


Is a doer and gets energy through “hunting” new opportunities. Generally independent (with a lot of initiative) and solution-driven.


Is powerful, highly dynamic, ambitious and encourages the achievement of set goals by promoting a sense of energy and purpose. Provides inspiration for a positive work attitude and prompts a strong wish to succeed in the team.


Possesses a strong will to succeed. Dedicated to follow through on tasks with a strong drive and patience to win.

Inspiration and motivation

Inspires others, encourages the achievement of set goals; provides inspiration for a positive work attitude, prompts a strong wish to succeed in the team.


Displays a high level of entrepreneurship. Well-versed or intrigued by green field projects. Willing to take calculated risks and find novel ways/approaches.


Is able to establish and maintain relations with people at all levels internally as well as externally and make people feel at ease. Achieves agreement by dealing with disagreements and potential conflicts with diplomatic skills. Develops and maintains networks.

Stakeholder management

Is pragmatic and able to identify, establish and maintain relations with stakeholders at all levels – internally as well as externally – and makes people feel at ease. Achieves agreement by dealing with disagreements and potential conflicts within a diplomatic manner. Develops and maintains networks.

Executive communication skills

Possesses exceptional executive-level oral and written communication skills and is able to formulate and deliver insights around complex business problems in a thoughtful and persuasive manner.

Take control/responsibility

Makes sure employees/co-workers have a clear understanding of the direction of the tasks; takes action; organizes resources and direct others toward successful execution of the tasks; drives projects forward to reach pivotal objectives; makes things happen and follows through.

Results and goal orientation

Establishes visible and achievable goals for the role. Focuses on action, activities and results and is able to continue working with a specific problem, viewpoint or action plan until a result has been achieved or it is determined that an alternative approach is needed.

For further information:

For further information:

Please contact:

Henrik Brabrand, CEO


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