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Top 10 biggest MedTech companies in the world by market cap

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Medical Devices

The landscape of the medical technology (MedTech) industry is characterized by a dynamic interplay of innovation, competition, and a steadfast commitment to advancing healthcare. Within this thriving sector, several prominent companies stand out for their groundbreaking contributions and market dominance. In this overview, we delve into the top players in the MedTech industry.


1.     Johnson & Johnson – 361,95 mia USD

Founded in 1886 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Johnson & Johnson has grown into a global leader in medtech. With a market cap of $361.95 billion, it's not just a medical equipment producer but also a major player in pharmaceuticals and household goods. Under CEO Joaquin Duato's leadership since 2022, the company's 132,000-strong workforce drives innovation. Their products, like ultrasound catheters and the Revision Knee system, showcase their commitment to improving healthcare. In 2023, their revenue hit $85.159 billion, reflecting their dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions worldwide.


2.     Abbott Laboratories – 194,38 mia USD

Ranked second on the list is Abbott Laboratories, boasting a market cap of $194.38 billion. Established in Chicago, USA in 1888 by Wallace Calvin Abbott, the company still calls Chicago home and employs over 114,000 individuals worldwide. Abbott Laboratories specializes in key medical areas such as gastroenterology, women’s health, cardiovascular, pain/central nervous system, respiratory, and influenza vaccine. Known for their diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition, and branded generic pharmaceuticals, Abbott Laboratories continues to make significant strides in healthcare. In 2023, the company generated $40.1 billion in revenue under the leadership of CEO Robert B. Ford.


3.     Intuitive Surgical – 135,52 mia USD

Taking the third spot on the list is Intuitive Surgical, an American company specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of robotic products, who boasts a market cap of $135,52 billion. Their robotic systems, particularly the Da Vinci Surgical System, are engineered to enhance patients' clinical outcomes through minimally invasive surgery. Founded in 1995, Intuitive Surgical is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, USA, with over 12,000 employees worldwide, including 1,200 in Europe. Led by CEO Gary S. Guthart since 2010, the company's robotic technology caters to various surgical domains, including cardiac surgery, colorectal surgery, gynecology surgery, and many others. In 2023, the company achieved a revenue of $7.124 billion.



4.     Stryker – 132,93 mia USD

The American medical technology company, Stryker, boasts a market cap of $132.93 billion. Headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, it is helmed by CEO Kevin A. Lobo. Established in 1941, Stryker offers innovative products and services in MedSurg, Neurotechnology, orthopaedics, and spine, aimed at enhancing patient and healthcare outcomes. With a workforce of over 52,000 employees, the company operates on a global scale. In 2023, Stryker achieved an annual revenue of $20.498 billion, marking an 11.11% increase from 2022. Stryker's excellence was further acknowledged when it was named one of the world's most admired companies in the Medical Products and Equipment Industry category by Fortune magazine for the 23rd consecutive year in February 2024.


5.     Medtronic – market cap 113,13 milliarder USD

Securing the fifth position on the list is the esteemed American corporation, Medtronic, with a significant market capitalization of $113.13 billion. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, under the leadership of CEO Geoff Martha, Medtronic stands as a beacon of innovation. Established in 1949, Medtronic has emerged as a global leader in medical technology, specializing in advanced medical devices and therapies, including insulin pumps, pacemakers, and diabetes treatments. With a workforce exceeding 95,000 employees worldwide, Medtronic achieved a remarkable revenue of $31.23 billion in 2023.


6.     Boston Scientific – 99,14 mia USD

Ranked sixth on the list is Boston Scientific, boasting a robust market capitalization of $99.14 billion and a revenue of $14.24 billion in 2023. The company was established in 1979, and is headquartered Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA, with a workforce of over 48,000 dedicated employees worldwide. Specializing in endoscopy, urology, neuromodulation, cardiology, and peripheral interventions, Boston Scientific is a global leader in the manufacturing of medical devices. In 2023, their cardiology products took center stage, emerging as the company's top-selling category, raking in an impressive $6.7 billion in revenue.


7.     Becton Dickinson (BD) – 69,63 mia USD

Becton Dickinson holds the seventh position on the list, boasting a market capitalization of $69.63 billion. Established in 1897, the company has grown into a distinguished medical technology firm, specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of medical devices, reagents, and instruments. Headquartered in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, USA, Becton Dickinson manages a global workforce of approximately 77,000 employees, all under the leadership of CEO Thomas Polen. In 2023, the company reported a revenue of $19.372 billion, representing a 2.66% increase from the previous year.


8.     Siemens Heathineers – 65,1 Mia USD

Siemens Healthineers, a German manufacturer of medical equipment, operates as a subsidiary within the Siemens Group, with its headquarters situated in Erlangen, Germany. Ranked eighth on the list, Siemens Healthineers boasts a market capitalization of $65.1 billion. In 2023, the company reported a revenue of $23.6 billion, supported by its global workforce of over 71,000 employees. With a clinical focus on stroke, coronary artery disease, breast cancer, liver cancer, and lung cancer, Siemens Healthineers stands as a leader in the market for diagnostic imaging. Their range of products includes computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, molecular imaging, and much more. Bernd Montag has served as the CEO of Siemens Healthineers since 2015.


9.     Edwards Lifesciences – 56,76 mia USD

Edwards Lifesciences, an American medical technology company headquartered in Irvine, California, USA, specializes in artificial heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring. Established in 1958 in Santa Ana, California, USA, the company now boasts a market capitalization of $56.76 billion and employs over 19,000 individuals worldwide. In 2023, Edwards Lifesciences recorded a revenue of $6.0 billion. One of their notable products is the Edwards Sapien Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valve, utilized in treating patients with severe aortic stenosis who are at high risk of complications from open-heart surgery. Bernard J. Zovighian has been serving as the CEO of the company since 2023.


10.  DexCom – 52,68 mia USD

Last but not least, DexCom secures the tenth position on the list with a market capitalization of $52.68 billion. DexCom specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management. The company operates internationally with its headquarters in San Diego, California, USA, and production facilities in Mesa, Arizona, and Batu Kawan, Malaysia. Founded in 1999, DexCom is currently led by Chairman, President, and CEO Kevin Sayer. With over 9,000 employees across the globe, the company reported a revenue of $3.622 billion in 2023.




The MedTech industry is dominated by large and well-established companies that continue to innovate and deliver cutting-edge solutions within the healthcare sector. Johnson & Johnson leads the list with a market share of $361.95 billion, followed by companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Intuitive Surgical, Stryker, and Medtronic. These companies span a wide range of medical areas, from robotic surgery to diagnostics and medical equipment. Their strong financial performances and commitment to improving healthcare worldwide paint a picture of a dynamic and competitive industry where innovation and patient care are paramount. However, in the near future we may see some new players on the pitch – companies with disruptive business models rooted in e.g software development and based on subscription-like models.


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