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 What can the Life Sciences industry do to offset the impacts of a pandemic-driven recession? 

The coronavirus crisis is a story with an unclear ending. Will it eventually spark a pandemic-driven recession or not? 72 executives from the Life Sciences industry signed up to Albright Partners' webinar to gain a better understanding of how to potentially offset the impact of a recession on the Life Sciences industry based on learnings from the causes and effects triggered by the latest recession (Financial Crisis in 2008).

In the 45 minute webinar, our speaker Henrik Brabrand, CEO at Albright Partners A/S took the participants on a deep-dive into the world of a pandemic-driven recession. Henrik shared insights, answering the following questions, generating the following take-away learnings:


  • What were the challenges and learnings of the Life Sciences industry from the latest economic crisis (financial crisis)

  • What can the Life Sciences industry and its leaders do to potentially offset the impacts of a pandemic-driven recession.


Henrik included insights and learnings from the latest studies and articles conducted by McKinsey & Co, Capgemini and others.

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