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Just like a business, you need a plan to achieve your goals and aspirations.


At Albright we have build "The Life Plan" which is a program that gears executives for success in their personal and professional life. The program is designed to highlight YOU and your potential in the process of bringing your life on a new and rewarding path. The program takes a holistic perspective by viewing you as a whole person in the process of building your new Life Plan. The outcome will be an actionable plan with clear insights, conclusions and actions.

Expect your new Life Plan to be a game changer as a new life ambition unfolds in the process.

The program consists of 5 steps asking the following key questions:

STEP 1: Where are you now in your life (Personally and Professionally)?

STEP 2: What goals do you want to achieve in your life? (Personally and Professionally)?

STEP 3: What are the gaps between now and where you want to be in your life? 

STEP 4: How do you get there?

STEP 5: What adjustments do you need to make along the way?

The program is based on a state-of-the-art combination of best in class executive coaching methodologies and strategic and tactical counselling. 


Our experienced consultants I headhunters are ICF certified executive coaches and boasts many years of top executive industry experience.


The program is tailored to suit your situation, needs and level of readiness, and from a seasoned and experienced consultant, you will receive one-on-one sparring and support throughout the entire process. 

The Life Plan program – what does it entail?:

Article: Build Your Executive Life Plan

Most people – including executives at all levels – do not have a plan for their lives, and some even drift along and just let life happen to them. They may plan their careers or major projects like re-building their home. But for some reason it never strikes them to plan their life. 


In fact, too many executives are taking a passive approach to their lives – and when that happens, it almost always impacts their careers in a negative direction and their private life often suffers along the way. Perhaps you can recognize yourself wholly or partly in the above description?  


Don’t be a passive spectator to your life – make your life count. In fact, living your life with a purpose can be a game changer as a new life ambition unfolds in the process.


Our method:

Our methodology is simple, but powerful.

We help executives such as yourself:

  1. Clarify your goals

  2. Build a Life Plan

  3. Take action

The Life Plan model:

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