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Top Pharma and MedTech Executives to Follow on LinkedIn

Fotos of six senior Life Sciences executives
Six Life Science executives worth following

Are you working within the Life Science field, or do you simply have a general interest in the subject and wish to stay updated? Then you might want to read along. The world of Pharma and MedTech is constantly evolving with a flow of news and innovations. To keep yourself informed and gain a deeper understanding of the industry, it can be advantageous to follow key individuals who are at the forefront of the latest developments.



Vas Narasimhan - Novartis

Vas Narasimhan has been serving as the CEO of Novartis for over 6 years, with a total of around 19 years at Novartis. He holds a medical degree from Harvard Medical School and a master of public policy from Harvard Kennedy School. His LinkedIn profile boasts over 357,000 followers who engage with his daily posts, ranging from organizational updates to personal family moments. He describes his leadership style on his LinkedIn profile as "unbossed," emphasizing the kind of leadership that enables humanity to overcome its greatest challenges. Leading over 110,000 colleagues worldwide, Narasimhan often showcases several of these employees on his LinkedIn profile.


Narasimhan recently appeared on an episode of The David Rubenstein Show, engaging in a peer-to-peer conversation about his career journey. He shares tips and tricks for achieving success, a theme consistent across his profile. Additionally, he addresses important topics such as the impact of AI, advanced technology, and the climate crisis on the life science industry, underlining the importance of responding to current trends. If you want to stay updated on the latest developments in the life sciences industry and Novartis, combined with leadership insights, Vas Narasimhan is a must-follow.


Emma Walmsley, CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, is another executive worth following on LinkedIn for insights into the pharmaceutical industry. Walmsley joined the GSK board as CEO Designate in January 2017 and assumed the role of CEO in April 2017. She has been part of the GSK Leadership Team since 2011, initially as the President and later CEO of GSK Consumer Healthcare. Walmsley holds a degree in Classic and Modern Languages from Oxford University. Leading over 90,000 people across 92 countries, Walmsley has approximately 117,235 followers on LinkedIn, interested in her role as CEO of a major pharmaceutical company.


Walmsley emphasizes women's health on her LinkedIn profile, advocating that health equity is imperative for all, not just a "nice-to-have." She also discusses important topics such as climate change and its connection to their core therapy areas like respiratory conditions. Moreover, Walmsley hosts a series on her LinkedIn profile called AheadTogether, inviting industry leaders to share their ambitions and hopes for the future.


If you're interested in following a strong female leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Emma Walmsley is an excellent choice. You'll gain insights into her role as CEO, as well as updates on GSK and the people behind the company.

With a global following of 236,621 individuals, Albert Bourla, CEO and Chairman of Pfizer, also ranks among the top pharma executives to follow on LinkedIn. Bourla, originally from Greece, holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology of Reproduction from the Veterinary School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has been with Pfizer for over 30 years and has served as CEO since 2019. Throughout his career at Pfizer, spanning nine different cities and leading teams across five continents, Bourla set a goal to make Pfizer more science-driven, innovative, and diverse.


Bourla's LinkedIn profile reflects his commitment to these goals. He uses his platform to provide relevant updates, celebrate his employees and organization, and engage in discussions on political issues. For example, Bourla shared a personal post on International Women's Day, expressing gratitude to his mother, a Holocaust survivor, for teaching him about the power of optimism. He also addresses challenging topics such as the Israel-Palestine conflict and polarization in the USA.


If you're interested in following a leader unafraid to tackle tough issues and share insights into Pfizer's latest developments, Albert Bourla's LinkedIn profile is a must-visit.


Helen Giza is another executive worth following on LinkedIn. Since assuming the role of CEO and Chair of the Management Board for Fresenius Medical Care in December 2022, she has demonstrated strong leadership in her almost five years in the company. She holds an Executive MBA in Business from Northwestern University. With nearly 11,000 followers on LinkedIn, Giza shares insightful posts about Fresenius Medical Care's core mission of Kidney Health, providing valuable updates and perspectives on the organization's activities. Moreover, Giza advocates for diversity in leadership, recognizing the importance of inclusive practices for driving innovation and success.


In addition to her professional insights, Giza also engages in discussions on political matters, offering updates on elections in the USA and advocating for unity against extremism, particularly relevant in Germany where Fresenius Medical Care is headquartered. Furthermore, Giza's recent recognition as one of the most influential woman CEOs in Germany by Manager Magazin highlights her impact and leadership prowess in the industry. For those seeking valuable perspectives on healthcare, leadership, and social issues, following Helen Giza on LinkedIn is highly recommended.


If you're interested in medical technology, consider following Geoff Martha, CEO and Chairman of Medtronic. Leading the $31 billion company and its 95,000 employees, Martha is dedicated to delivering groundbreaking technology solutions globally. Martha holds a bachelor's degree in Finance from Pennsylvania State University and has been CEO of Medtronic since 2020. With over 109,152 followers on LinkedIn, Martha passionately discusses current topics like the impact of AI on the life science industry and healthcare.

Martha also focuses on socio-economic issues and themes such as diversity and inclusion. He recently attended the Black Engineer of the Year STEM conference, providing insights for his followers. Additionally, Martha highlights his employees and teams, sharing updates about Medtronic's cardiac and vascular team in the USA and their achievements in the Indian market.


Beyond his role as CEO of Medtronic, Martha is an active member of the global business community, serving on boards such as the Business Roundtable and the World Economic Forum's International Business Council. He also serves as Treasurer for AdvaMed and sits on the board of directors for the US-China Business Council.


As President and CEO of GE HealthCare, Peter J Arduini leads an extensive organization comprising 50,000 colleagues spread across 160 countries. GE HealthCare is dedicated to providing integrated solutions, services, and data analytics aimed at improving hospital efficiency and enhancing patient outcomes. Since assuming the role of CEO and President in January 2022, Arduini has been instrumental in driving the company's mission forward. He also serves on the boards of GE HealthCare, AdvaMed, and the National Italian American Foundation. With approximately 48,172 followers on LinkedIn, Arduini utilizes his platform to share regular updates about GE HealthCare and its notable achievements. Recently, he spoke at an event with Hartford HealthCare in Connecticut, where he announced the expansion of their care alliance through 2030.


Moreover, Arduini sheds light on crucial topics such as AI, global healthcare access, and health equity. Through his posts, he fosters meaningful discussions and provides valuable perspectives on these pressing issues. Additionally, Arduini highlights GE HealthCare's newly launched foundation, which is dedicated to funding innovative programs globally that aim to remove barriers to equitable care. By following Peter J Arduini on LinkedIn, you'll stay informed about the latest developments in healthcare and gain insights into the company's efforts to drive positive change in the industry.



These six influential and dedicated individuals represent a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Life Sciences industry. Following them on LinkedIn not only offers a glimpse into their professional journeys but also provides valuable insights into the latest developments, trends, and challenges within the field. By engaging with their content, you have the opportunity to expand your understanding of the industry and stay abreast of emerging opportunities. Don't miss out on the chance to enhance your professional network and deepen your insights into the Life Sciences space by connecting with these industry leaders today.

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